New Life Community
 Christian Church


Worship Team

We are blessed to have Lily Bifolchi as our worship leader. She truly has a heart for God and a desire to lead others in the worship of Him. Lily writes:

God has gifted me with the ability 

to write and reach people through music

that declares His love and greatness.

Here at New Life our focus is on 

bringing in all ages/people with 

different styles of music from contemporary,

and hymns inviting

us into the very presence of our Lord.

My heart's desire is to give back to God

what He had originally given me, through capturing

the hearts and lives of a broken world.

I am so thankful for all the members in our worship team sharing their gifts as we serve together as one in the Ministry God has prepared for all of us here at New Life. 

May the Glory be ALL for HIM!!!

Father may our worship please you and may we all see that it is only about you. 

You are such an awesome God!!  

We love and adore you!!

Lily Bifolchi has been writing music for many years and in God's timing it is now being shared with the world.  To hear Lily and the Chosen just click the You Tube link below.   
May you feel God's very presence with you as you listen to the lyrics.  God is Calling you To Come!