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                           Testimonies are meant to inspire others of the difference 

that Jesus has made in their life.  

It says in 2 Corinthians 5:17

 "This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new 

person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!"

Paula shares her story hoping she can help someone else come to the realization that we don't need to wait to clean our lives up before we come to Jesus.  He invites us to come as WE ARE and He does the work we cannot do on our own. She has come through many challenges from a young teenager that was trying to find her place in this world.  She wanted to know she was loved and where she belonged. Her identity could have been lost through peer pressure.  Many things from this world could have destroyed her life but God had His hand on her through the entire journey  with a story to share with others and the lesson's she has learned from life.  Because of Jesus she has overcame alcohol, drugs and was almost taken down a path of darkness through the ties of a Ouija Board which brought dark spirits into her life.  The only way she was able to be set free from these dark spirits was Jesus and His amazing love for Paula.  There is hope for all that will call on His Name.  God Bless You!!


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This is Jeremy Woodly and his story of transformation. Jeremy shared his story with us at New Life a couple of years ago and it was so inspiring.  

Jeremy was raised at Six Nations Community and he came from a broken home were both parents used alcohol.  His parents separated when he was very young and he would grow up believing alcohol was just normal for everyday life.   From the young age of 14 he began to use alcohol and it would later lead him into a world of drugs.  When we was 24 years old he went to a detox center and his life began to turn around.  He became a PSW worker and than started to do community services which lead him to a church.  As his story unfolded he learned more about church and was drawn there because of the fellowship and the love he felt along with that feeling of belonging.  Through his story and healing Jeremy was able to write and publish a book called  " Jeremy, Jesus and the Beatles"   Some people find there healing through even music which played a big part in his story too.   But what is Jeremy's biggest message?  It is this;  "Jesus Your greatest healer."    Another story of HOPE as another life has been changed forever!! 

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In a world that believes healing only through doctors and medications, Christie wants to share her story of hope through the one and only great Healer, God. Christie was in a serious head on collusion that left her in unbelievable pain and she thought the life she had once known was over forever.  That she would just have to live in pain the rest of her life.  If you are someone reading this and you have become dependent on Prescription medications she prays this will encourage you to look for your healing from God.  He would love nothing more than to break the chains of this world from your life and how you are coping.  He has a better way for you if you will come to HIM.    Our HOPE is not in this world but in the ONE who knows the plans He has for each one of us. A plan for HOPE and a FUTURE. Christie's prayer for everyone is that they will seek, ask and keep on knocking until the right people are brought into your life to help you.  She now helps others to come to know this healing by serving in a ministry she is now involved with to bring more hope to people.   

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Sam is sharing her story hoping that it will guide more people to come to JESUS for their HEALING.  After being set free from addiction to alcohol (red wine was her true struggle) she would fall ill in a battle with Lyme disease.  What she wouldn't realize until this illness arrived God was making sure that her alcohol wouldn't be the way she would cope with the physical pain.   With no help in Canada for treatment and financial aid, she came to TRUST God for everything.  Through the past 10 years, God was healing a broken relationship, her illness, her addiction and more importantly bringing her to a place of SERVING others with what she has learned.   Her passion now is to share and give HOPE to others for HEALING in all areas in a person’s life, whether it be physically, mentally, emotionally or Spiritually.  With God all things are possible!!   He can change a person's life if they want it and He wants nothing more than to be your BEST FRIEND!!!   The WORDS that gave her HOPE that she spoke over her life everyday were;

                      "I will give you back your health and heal all your wounds!,  say's the Lord.                                                                                                                                                                          Jeremiah 30:17

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Sam Crow- Sharing my Testimony

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Darlene shares her story of the loss of her daughter Amber at the age of twenty to Leukemia.  Through this painful journey she shares how Jesus healed her broken heart and the many lessons that brought her life to a much better place.  Her daughter Amber had an amazing FAITH in God and He has been the only ONE that could HEAL this mother's heart. The loss of a child is something no one can understand unless they have felt that kind of pain.  Darlene wants to encourage other parents HEALING can come if they are WILLING to  look up to Jesus.  He is waiting for you to CALL HIM!!   

 A Scripture that has helped Darlene's through this season in her life is  Philippians 4:13  "For I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength." 

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