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With everything we see happening in our world today perhaps this was meant to be shared now more than ever. 

Sometimes when things are shared ahead of time it will bring revelations to open eyes and ears later in the future. 

 This was written back in Spring of 2020- 

The book is here below but It's small print so if you desire  a larger copy contact or you can get a copy from the church on Sunday mornings. 

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The Wake-Up Call 

My mom gave me a magazine called Turning Points by Dr. David Jeremiah in April of 2019. Dr. Jeremiah mentions the frequency of natural disasters, wars, unnatural desires and untreatable diseases and questioned when the next pandemic would come upon the world. I put the magazine back in my Bible case to give to my mom at church, but almost a year later in March of 2020, I found it. As I read it again, the words started to jump off the pages. My husband wakes up early every morning and at times, he’ll say to the rest of us, “It’s time to wake up.” I believe God is allowing this pandemic to wake up the world and His church (believers). An urgency was placed on my heart to share a message of awakening for the church, signs (events) to take place before Jesus returns to the earth and to share the gospel. Pondering each of these areas came this writing, The Wake-Up Call. Troubles will come to each of us in this life if they haven’t already. Who and where we turn for help will lead us into a wonderful future God has promised or a future ending in destruction. The content of this paper is intended to share information, to make people aware of the TRUTH. Many Christian’s are stepping out because they BELIEVE they are to share what they know so that people will QUESTION the things happening around them. It’s the HOPE that more will come to SEE how it is related to what the Bible tells us and what will come to LIFE in the future. If you grew up not knowing what the Bible teaches, I pray that this will give you the DESIRE to learn more for your own wellbeing. What you read is your own responsibility to research for yourself and what you do with that information is entirely up to you. May your SPIRIT be SENSITIVE to these WORDS and may you know what is the TRUTH in your LIFE, so you can make the best decisions for you and your family in the days ahead. There are many things that are being shared through emails and online warnings given by individuals who believe they MUST share. Perhaps some of what they are saying is the TRUTH? Would the fear of the unknown stop you or I from speaking out? Fear can break down our body’s immune system leaving us physically ill. I know because I came from a place of living in fear that made me sick. Are there things being put in place now that seem good but could be bad in the end? When you ASK, SEEK and KNOCK you shall know the TRUTH and the Truth shall set you FREE!! In the end the only person you will be answering for is yourself, so do your best to be open minded to LISTEN and always TEST the SPIRITS from which you are hearing it from. May God guide all of us in the days ahead… Before addressing the section of the wake-up call for the church, I want to share the promise of Jesus’ return to the earth. The apostle Peter wrote, “Most importantly, I want to remind you in the last days scoffers will come, mocking the truth and following their own desires. They will say, “What happened to the promise that Jesus is coming again?” …But you must not forget this one thing, dear friends: A day is like a thousand years to the Lord, and a thousand years is like a day. The Lord isn’t really being slow about His promise, as some people think. No, He is being patient for your sake. He does not want anyone to be destroyed, but wants everyone to repent. But the day of the Lord will come as unexpectedly as a thief (2 Peter 3:3-4a, 8-10a).” “When people are saying, “Everything is peaceful and secure,” then disaster will fall on them as suddenly as a pregnant woman’s labour pains begin. And there will be no escape (1 Thessalonians 5:3).” I watched a video on you tube of Pastor Conner Conlon’s teaching of The Wolf is at the Door. Pastor Conlon mentioned that living as a Christian in America today won’t be easy. The Bible says we will be persecuted for our faith; just as some of our brothers and sisters around the world are now being persecuted for following Christ (see 2 Timothy 3:12). Believers are not only to WAKE UP but RISE UP, PRAY and FIGHT FOR TRUTH. Has the church in our western society moved away from giving God’s Word authority in the church and in our own lives? Has the church today fallen asleep, compromising or editing God’s Word? There is a warning in the Bible for those who ADD or TAKE away from God’s Word. “If anyone adds anything to what is written here, God will add to that person the plagues described in this book. And if anyone removes any of the words from this book of prophecy, God will remove that person’s share in the tree of life and in the holy city that are described in this book (see Revelation 22:18-19).” “Every Word of God proves true. He is a shield to all who come to Him for protection. Do not add to HIS words, or HE may rebuke you and expose you as a liar (Proverbs 30:5-6).” The apostle Paul was once a man who persecuted Christians but when he received Jesus, his life was changed leading others to Christ. Paul wrote, “Through the power of the Holy Spirit who lives within us, carefully guard the precious truth that has been entrusted to you (2 Timothy 1:14).” The apostle John was given a vision where the Lord told him, “Write down what you have seen-both the things that are now happening and the things that will happen (Revelation 1:19).” John addressed various churches in Asia warning them about their specific shortcomings. Would any of these warnings back then be given to the church today (Revelation 2 & 3)? Have traditions within the church replaced the leading of the Holy Spirit? Do pastors and leaders within the church point others to Jesus to save them from their sins and the future destruction that is coming for unbelievers? Is the truth about who Jesus is and why he came to earth being taught in the church? Jesus is the Son of the living God, one of the three persons of our triune God; God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit (see John 8:16-20, John 10:30, 14: 6-7, & 1 John 5:20). “Christ is the visible image of the invisible God. He existed before anything was created and is supreme over all creation, for through Him God created everything in the heavenly realms and on earth. He made the things we can see and the things we can’t see (Colossians 1:15-16a).” Jesus came to earth to save people from their sins and have eternal life. Is the church today being influenced by TV, social media and government laws? Jesus said before He returns, “Many will turn away from me and betray and hate each other (Matthew 24:10).” What will cause this falling away from the faith? Persecution (see Matthew 24:9)! Are believers today living passionately for Christ or are you and I shrinking back, blending in with the world’s ways of living. Do we allow money, attitudes, materialism, pleasures, sexual immortality and self-sufficiency to get in the way of reflecting Jesus in our lives? Does our words, actions or the tone of our voice trigger chaos or dissension within our homes, families, friends, co-workers or within the church? Do we recognize the shortcomings of others? Could it be we recognize it in other people because we have the same weaknesses in our own life? Do we have the desire to hear from God? Are we in fellowship with God reading the Bible, letting His Word penetrate into our souls, listening for His voice to lead us so we’re not led astray? Is our own pride stopping us from hearing God as He tries to change us? Is there something in our daily life that we know God is asking us to change, give up or turn away from? When you and I are convicted in an area of our life, do we read our Bible for God’s direction? Are we teachable? Do people in our life see the same kind of love, compassion and forgiveness that Jesus extends to us? Is there hurt, blame or resentment from our past that we ? still carry around today that might go back as far as our childhood? Are you and I not willing to face the hurt or unforgiveness because it’s painful? From this hurt, do we end up hurting others in our own life? Do you or I feel resentment or hurt when we see or even think of a person that’s hurt us? When we hurt someone, one of the most difficult things to do is to admit it, ask for God’s forgiveness and apologize to that person. How can we expect those around us to take us seriously as we share Jesus and His love if there’s unforgiveness or bitterness in our hearts towards other people? People are watching our lives to see if our faith is genuine. God has directed me on many occasions to go to a person I’ve hurt to say sorry and ask for their forgiveness? My part was to trust God and let Him heal my emotions. As His child, I’m to be obedient in doing my part in restoring a broken relationship and leave the outcome in God’s hands. When we humble ourselves, God forgives and continues the process of change in us. Would restoring a relationship show the world that we are God’s children? As believers we need to search our hearts asking if our lives reflect who Jesus is? As part of the Church, are you and I ready to stand firm for Jesus knowing there will be difficulties to live for Christ in the days to come (see 2 Timothy 3:1-5)? Signs to Look for before Christ Returns - We live in a fast paced world where information is available to us instantly. Is there a threat today with the increasing speed of the advancement in technology? Are the current events in the world today including the pandemic paving the way for those with an agenda of a one world government? Are we moving closer to a cashless society as predicted? Cash is not being accepted in some stores as the virus stays on paper for a period of time. Credit cards and online purchases are surging. Dr. Jeremiah mentioned a microchip has been made in Sweden today the size of a grain of rice that is able to be put under the skin of your hand between the thumb and finger, storing information, giving access to homes and offices. He also mentioned that today people in Sweden use this technology with the national railway system for entrance to the train. Will the technology down the road give more control to employers over their employees? Could the benefits we enjoy today from technology including the 5G some day have a reverse effect on our future and health? Is the Debt Forgiveness Program being offered by the government to reduce debt (mortgages, loans, credit cards) a part of the advancement of the one world government? Is the IMF (International Monitoring Funds) a part of backing up this movement known as World Debt Reset Program? Will people need to do something in exchange for signing up for the Debt Forgiveness program? Will there be incentives to go along with this agenda enticing people to sign up and be a part of the program? What if the incentive to agree to the debt forgiveness program or to take the vaccination included unrestricted travel and unrestricted living in a full lockdown? Would you sign up immediately thinking this is too good to be true? What could happen to those Monetary who refuse to sign up? Would those people be treated harshly, removed from their homes? Where would they be taken? Would the right to make choices down the road be taken away from you and I? Does this sound like anything we’ve seen in the past, in this country or abroad? People in the past were mistreated and hurt by governing authorities but also oppressed by the church who were to represent God. People in our country were treated terribly during the time when children were pulled away from their parents, homes and put into residential schools. Let me say BOLDLY, those giving the orders orthose whofollowed orders either unknowingly or knowingly DID NOT REPRESENT JESUS CHRIST. There are people today who are suffering from the past abuse who are angry and hurt. Jesus loves every person on the earth and He would never hurt people! He is the answer to healing in all of our lives. George Orwell wrote a novel called 1984 that Iread back in high school that centered around big brother is watching you. In this novel, it was through technology people were being watched in their homes, a form of control over them. Could the events taking place today, someday lead us down the road of being forced to take the mark the Bible warns us of? The apostle John had a vision and wrote this, “He (the Antichrist) required everyone - small and great, rich and poor, free and slave - to be given a mark on the right hand or on the forehead. And no one could buy or sell anything without that mark, which was either the name of the beast (antichrist) or the number representing his name. Wisdom is antichrist) needed here. Let the one with understanding solve the meaning of the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. His number is 666 (Revelation 13:16-18).” People who take the mark of the antichrist (an evil spirit of satan) show allegiance to an economic system a man promotes and his rebellion against God. Let us learn from past history from the evil that came from Hilter and the Roman Empire. The emperor Nero symbolized all the evils of the Roman Empire. Nero’s name in Greek represents numbers that total 666. Some refer to 666 that it could represent the unholy trinity of satan, the first beast (known as the antichrist) and the second beast (known as a false prophet). Whatever specific application the number is given, the number symbolizes the WORLDWIDE dominion and complete evil of this unholy trinity designed to undo Christ’s work and overthrow Him (see footnote Life Application Study Bible Rev. 13:16-18,18). The Bible doesn’t tell us exactly when or how this mark will be implemented but does warn us not to take the mark. Antichrist forces have lived in every generation that have been hostile to Jesus Christ and will continue to work their evil belittling Jesus life, His work, death and resurrection. They will claim Jesus is not God and didn’t come in a human body born of a virgin (see 1 John 4:1-3). I was taught by my pastor that you can recognize a false prophet or teacher by asking who they believe Jesus is. John wrote, “Who is a liar? Anyone who says Jesus is not the Christ. Anyone who denies the Father THE false prophet). Whatever and the Son is an anti-christ (1 John 2:22).” False prophets will claim they are speaking from the Spirit of God but are lying, having the spirit of deception (satan) in them. In the coming days, people will reject the truth and listen to teachers with deceptive spirits (demons) that will tell people what they want to hear. Some will even teach that it is wrong to be married, wrong to eat certain foods, will be greedy to get a hold of your money (see 1 Timothy 4:1-5, 2 Timothy 4:3-4, 2 Peter 2:1-3). “Many will follow their evil teaching and shameful immorality. And because of these teachers, the way of TRUTH will be slandered (2 Peter 2:2).” “For this lawlessness is already at work secretly and it will remain secret until the one who is holding it back steps out of the way. Then the man of lawlessness (anti-christ) will be revealed (2 Thessalonians 2:7-8a, see 9-12).” Question to ponder; is this lawlessness at work secretly in our world today? Ask yourself, does a person teaching get offended when you ask for scriptures to back up their message? Faithful leaders speak truth from the Holy Spirit and that brings conviction to a person’s heart, to change their ways. Our sin nature doesn’t want to be told what to do. How does the Bible describe the antichrist? God gave revelations for the future end times to both Daniel and John. Satan is referred to as the dragon and his two evil accomplices are referred to as beasts. These two beasts will work together to take control of the whole world. The first beast is known as the antichrist, a false messiah and this person will be given political power. All people and this person will be given political power. All people will be required to take the mark of the antichrist. This mark of the Antichrist is designed to mock the seal that God places on His followers. By not taking the mark is committing yourself entirely to God. Angels of God will put the seal of God on the foreheads of his servants (believers) for protection (see Rev. 7:2-3). There will be a period of time, three and half years (42 months) where the Antichrist will have authority to do whatever he wants, wage war against God’s people and conquer them. The Antichrist will rule over all people and nations and even stage a false resurrection and claim his fatal wound had been healed. The world will marvel at this miracle and many people will give allegiance to the antichrist. People of this world (unbelievers) will worship the Antichrist and satan (see Revelation 13, Daniel 7-9). Jesus said, “If anyone tells you ‘Look here is the Messiah’ or, ‘There he is’, don’t believe it. For false messiahs and false prophets will rise up and perform great signs and wonders so as to deceive, if possible, even God’s chosen ones. See, I have warned you about this ahead of time (Matthew 24:23-25).” Holy Spirit who appears to do good and is given power by satan to do miracles on behalf of the Antichrist deceiving people who belong to this world. The false prophet will demand all people to worship the Antichrist…anyone refusing to do so will die (see Revelation 13:13-15). Believers will suffer the wrath satan inflicts upon them but there will be no spiritual There will be and are many false prophets in the world, but THE false prophet will be the only one who directly works with the antichrist under satan's direction. The false prophet is the second beast, a counterfeit of the There will be and are many false prophets in the world, but THE false prophet will be the only one who directly works with the antichrist under satan’s direction. The false prophet is the second beast, a counterfeit of the Holy Spirit who appears to do good and is given power by satan to do miracles on behalf of the antichrist deceiving people who belong to this world. The false prophet will demand all people to worship the antichrist…anyone refusing to do so will die (see Revelation 13:13-15). Believers will suffer the wrath satan inflicts upon them but there will be no spiritual antichrist antichrist antichrist antichrist harm done to their soul. Jesus said, “But when you are arrested and stand trial, don’t worry in advance about what to say. Just say what God tells you at that time, for it is not you who will be speaking, but the Holy Spirit. A brother will betray his brother to death, a father will betray his own child, and children will rebel against their parents and cause them to be killed. And everyone will hate you because you are my followers. But the one who endures to the end will be saved (Mark 13:11-13). God has promised His children (believers), “I will never fail you. I will never abandon you. So, we can say with confidence, the Lord is my helper, so I will have no fear. What can mere people do to me (Hebrews 13:5b-6)? The Bible tells us there will be a time people will live in birth pains. Jesus said before he returns, “Watch out that no one deceives you. For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am Christ’ and will deceive many. You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come. Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of birth pains. Then you will be handed over to the persecuted and put to death and you will be hated by all nations because of me. At that time many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other, and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people. Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, but he who stands firm to the be end will be saved (Matthew 24:4-13 N.I.V).” Are we living in the time of “birth pains”? I’ve been encouraged by pastors to keep an eye on what is happening today in Israel. It is the key to the end times. The Lord said there would be a gathering of God’s people back to Israel (see Ezekiel 34:13, Jeremiah 16:15) and to-date, there are 108 nations that have returned from around the world to Israel. Preparations are underway to rebuild God’s Temple in the land He gave the people of Israel (His chosen ones) and objects such as harps and Ephod (gowns for the Levi priests) are now under construction. The Lord’s temple in Jerusalem is where the anti-christ will stand saying he is god and order people to worship only him. A military leader is rising with powers in the middle east (involving Turkey/Syria) preparing an army? Will regional wars follow between the northern and southern nations centering around the Arabic and the Muslim nations? Two of the three majority Muslim nations now have official peace treaties with Israel. Nations surrounding Israel in the past (including Saudi Arabi and Egypt) have been both enemies and allies of Israel. Saudi Arabia has declared to the northern nation that the dome of the rock, the mosque is not the real mosque in Jerusalem but that it is in Saudi Arabia. They also said that the Jewish people own the land where the mosque sits and should be allowed to rebuild the temple of God. Saudi Arabia has become frustrated with Turkey and has started to boycott dealings with Turkey. A pipeline is being built in the east Mediterranean Sea by Egypt along with France and Italy that supports the Israel-CyprusGreece trilateral deal. Will Turkey who is excluded from this deal become jealous of the economic situation and turn on the southern nations (see TV7 Israel news)? Are these events taking place leading to what the Bible says? Daniel was spoken to in a vision, “you must understand that the events you have seen in your vision relate to the time of the end (Daniel 8:17).” Troubles will come to the city of Jerusalem because of rebellion and the turning away from God (see Daniel 9). Other past visions showed political leaders at war controlled by evil spirits (see Daniel 7-8). “The ruler will make a treaty with the people (Israel) for a period of one set of seven (7 years) but after half this time (3 ½ years), he will put an end to the sacrifices and offerings…he will set up a sacrilegious object that causes desecration… (see Daniel 9:27).” A king from the north (modern day Turkey) and king from south attack each other at various times.Upon returning to the north, the king, “will vent his anger against the people of the Holy covenant (God’s people) and reward those who forsake the covenant. His army will take over the temple, pollute the sanctuary, put a stop to the daily sacrifices (the removal of worship of the true God), and set up the sacrilegious object …(see Daniel 11).” Jesus said, “The day is coming when you will see what DANIEL the prophet spoke about – the sacrilegious object (statue of the anti-christ) that causes desecration standing in the Holy place (Matthew 24:15).” The false prophet orders all people to worship the statue (see Revelation 13:13-15). There are prophecies of the anti-christ conquering many countries and even gain control over Egypt (see Daniel 11:40-42). The above seven-year peace treaty with Israel that will be broken will open the way for the anti-christ to attack Israel. “And he (the beast-anti-christ) was given authority to do whatever he wanted for 42 months (3 ½ years), (Revelation 13:5, see Daniel 11:36).” Israel’s past pattern has been to look to Egypt for help instead of looking to God. Israel will feel secure having had a peace treaty in place with her surrounding nations but it will be a false peace and that will be their downfall. Who will you and I look to for help in the future – God or the world? The deceiver of this world (satan) was an angel in heaven who wanted to be higher than God and so satan was thrown out of heaven along with angels who followed him. There will be battle between good (God) and evil (satan) in the end time, “There was a war in heaven. Michael (God’s angel) and his angels fought against the dragon and his angels. And the dragon lost the battle and he and his angels were forced out of heaven. This great dragon-the ancient serpent called the devil, or satan, the one deceiving the whole world-was thrown down to the earth with all his angels (Revelation 12:7-9).” Satan knows he was defeated when Jesus rose from the grave and his time on earth is getting shorter. Satan will continue trying to deceive and take as many people with him to that final destruction (see Revelation 19:19-21). All people will be resurrected and Jesus will have the authority to judge everyone (see John 5:25-30). Unbelievers will be punished…along with satan, the antichrist and the false prophet (Revelation 20:10, 14- 15). There is a set time of judgement coming that consists of seals (see Rev. 6, 8:1-5), trumpets (see Rev. 8 & 9) and bowls (see Rev. 16), that each contain seven parts to each judgement (a time of horror). This paper doesn’t cover all the events before Christ returns or for the end of time. Read the Bible asking the Holy Spirit to direct your search. There are believers who have studied this topic for years and written books that are available as resources as well. The Promise of Jesus Return There are different views on the timing of Jesus return to gather His church (believers). Some people believe Jesus will return before the tribulation, some believe it will be in the middle of the tribulation and others believe it will be at the end of the tribulation. The important thing is that each of us is prepared. There is no middle ground with God; you’re either accepting God or rejecting Him. Paul wrote, “Concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our being gathering to Him, … saying that the day of the Lord has already come. Don’t let anyone deceive you in any way, for that day will not come, until the rebellion occurs and the man of lawlessness (Antichrist) is revealed, the man doomed for destruction. He will oppose and will exalt himself over everything that is called God or is worshipped, so that he sets himself up in God’s temple (Jerusalem), have the authority to judge everyone (see John 5:25-30). Unbelievers will be punished…along with satan, the antichrist and the false prophet (Revelation 20:10, 14- 15). There is a set time of judgement coming that consists of seals (see Rev. 6, 8:1-5), trumpets (see Rev. 8 & 9) and bowls (see Rev. 16), that each contain seven parts to each judgement (a time of horror). This paper doesn’t cover all the events before Christ returns or for the end of time. Read the Bible asking the Holy Spirit to direct your search. There are believers who have studied this topic for years and written books that are available as resources as well. The Promise of Jesus Return There are different views on the timing of Jesus return to gather His church (believers). Some people believe Jesus will return before the tribulation, some believe it will be in the middle of the tribulation and others believe it will be at the end of the tribulation. The important thing is that each of us is prepared. There is no middle ground with God; you’re either accepting God or rejecting Him. Paul wrote, “Concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our being gathering to Him, … saying that the day of the Lord has already come. Don’t let anyone deceive you in any way, for that day will not come, until the rebellion occurs and the man of lawlessness (Antichrist) is revealed, the man doomed for destruction. He will oppose and will exalt himself over everything that is called God or is worshipped, so that he sets himself up in God’s temple (Jerusalem), (antichrist) proclaiming himself to be God (see 2 Thessalonians 2:1-4, N.I.V.).” Jesus will return to the earth to set up His Kingdom. “Immediately after the anguish of those days…then at last, the sign that the Son of Man is coming will appear in the heavens and there will be deep mourning among all the people of the earth. And they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven with power…will send out His angels …will gather His chosen ones from all over the world… (see Matthew 24:29-31).” Unbelievers will mourn when their eyes are opened that they didn’t listen to the truth realizing they were deceived. Past Patterns - There will be a moment when God says enough is enough and God’s wrath will come. When nations of the past turned away from God such as in Noah’s day, God allowed the evil to unfold to open the eyes of people who didn’t know Him but also to bring back those who were falling away from God. When there was no repentance for sins, judgement came. Is the world today resembling a past pattern? The people in Noah’s day were deceived by false prophets and were living self centered lives ignoring God. There was increasing evil, wickedness and sexual immorality (Genesis 6:11-12). Is there today increasing evil, increasing wickedness, increasing sexual immorality and increasing self centredness? Is God being set aside, ignored in our culture? Is the education today pointing children to God or away from Him? Are children being taught how God created the world? Are children being led astray in school about the truth of their gender, how God created them? Are children being led from the truth of God’s plan for marriage between a man and woman? Does television, media, music, social online interactions steer children and young adults to Christ or away from Him? Do all of these things shape the mind to believe worldly lies, attitudes and lifestyle choices that are in opposition to God’s Word and entrance into the Kingdom of God (see 1 Corinthians 6:9-11, 18-20)? When Jesus comes back to take His children, He will spare believers from the wrath of judgement to come just like Noah and his family were spared before the flood came. Even though Noah and his family were saved, they lived in the world with wickedness around them before the destruction came. People thought Noah was crazy building an ark since it had never rained before on the earth at that time but He obeyed God (Hebrews 11:7). The ground was watered from the soil beneath it (see Genesis 2:4-6). When the Son of Man (Jesus) returns, it will be like it was in Noah’s day. In those days before the flood, the people were enjoying banquets and parties and weddings right up to the time Noah entered his boat. People didn’t realize what was going to happen until the flood came and swept them all away. That is the way it will be when the Son of Man (Jesus) returns (See Matthew 24:36-42).” HOPE For Believers - We’ve been told to stay alert, stand firm, look for the signs of Jesus return and hold onto the promise of eternal life. “So be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid and do not panic before them. For the Lord your God will personally go ahead of you. He will neither fail you nor abandon you (Deuteronomy 31:6).” Paul encouraged the Thessalonian believers, “And now dear brothers and sisters, we want you to know what will happen to the believers who have died so you will not grieve like people who have no hope. For since we believe that Jesus died and was raised to life again, we also believe that when Jesus returns, God will bring back with Him the believers who have died. We tell you this directly from the Lord: We who are still living when the Lord returns will not meet Him ahead of those who have died. For the Lord Himself will come down from heaven with a commanding shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trumpet call of God. First, the believers who have died will rise from their graves. Then, together with them, we who are still alive and remain on the earth will be caught up in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. Then we will be with the Lord forever. So, encourage each other with these words(1 Thessalonians 4: 13-18).” John wrote about the end of time, “He will wipe every tear from their eyes and there will be no more death or sorrow or crying or pain. All these things are gone forever (Revelation 21:4, see 1 Corinthian 15:35,40, 42-54-new bodies).” May these promises of HOPE encourage you and I in the days to come. The Gospel is the Good News for Everyone! - We are living in the days of the gospel of grace. “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not sent his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him (John 3:16-17, N.I.V.).” What is it we’re to believe in? Every person on earth has been born with a sin nature, originating from the fall in the garden with Adam and Eve (see Genesis 3). From the fall, there is a gap between God and every person because of our sin nature. We’ve all said or done something wrong in our life because we’re not perfect and that makes each one of us a sinner (see Romans 3:23). We respond in hurtful ways when we’ve been hurt. We try to be in control and try to fix things in our own strength. The enemy (satan) loves to take advantage of our sin nature by using our weaknesses, worry and fears to try to tempt us to fall. I know this all to well in my own life. God’s nature is pure and Holy and He can’t be in the presence of sin; that’s why God sent His Son Jesus to die on the cross for your and my sins. There isn’t anything you or I have done wrong that God wouldn’t forgive us for; that’s how much He loves us. Jesus death on the cross broke the power of sin and when Jesus rose from the grave, that broke the power of spiritual death. When we believe, Jesus takes our sin and exchanges it with HIS righteousness and because of HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS, we’re declared right before God (John 5:24). There is nothing we can do to earn it or purchase it. Jesus said, “Humans can reproduce only human life, but the Holy Spirit gives birth to spiritual life (John 3:6).” The gospel message is simple, “Repent of your sins and turn to God, for the Kingdom of Heaven is near (Matthew 3:2).” God is looking for an inner change of the heart (repentance)that will produce an outward change in our lifestyle (obedience). Bad habits are hard to break and sinful habits are even harder. The sinful nature you and I were born with is very powerful and will dominate our thinking unless we have a greater power to defeat it. When we receive Jesus Christ, He has placed the power of the Holy Spirit in us. You and I are not strong enough to fight our sinful nature but the Holy Spirit is when we let Him control our heart and mind to get rid of bad habits and sinful things. “The Spirit who lives in you is greater than the Spirit who lives in the world (1 John 4b).” John the Baptist said to the religious leaders of the day, “Prove by the way you live that you have repented of your sins and turned to God (Matthew 3:8).” I wouldn’t be representing God properly if I didn’t share this next part. The first time Jesus came to the earth, God put in place a way for all people to be saved. When Christ returns to the earth, he will gather His church and bring judgement to those who choose to deny His Son Jesus and instead followed the deceiver of this world, satan. Jesus said, “You can enter God’s Kingdom only through the narrow gate. The highway to hell is broad and its gate is wide for the many who choose that way (Matthew 7:13).” People have a misconception that hell doesn’t exist. People believe scientists when they tell us gravity exists; we should believe God when He tells us hell exists. I’ve heard people say, how can a loving God send people to hell. He doesn’t! God created all humans in His own image (see Genesis 1:27, 2:7,18,21-24) and gave each of us free will to make our own decisions. God loves everyone but this doesn’t mean everyone will be saved. Only those who choose to put their faith and trust in Jesus will be saved. Some people will say, you believe what you want and I’ll believe what I want. It’s true we each can believe what we want but that doesn’t change the “TRUTH” just because people don’t agree. God is truth and He sets the standard for truth. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me (John 14:6).” Some people think you’re not showing love when you share the hard-Biblical truth about the coming judgement. Let me ask you this; if your neighbors’ house was on fire, would you not try to warn and rescue them? Knowing the truth of what is to come, is there an urgency on our hearts to share the gift of salvation through Christ with our children, grandchildren, parents, friends and neighbours? God has given His Word, the Bible to test every teaching and the gift of the Holy Spirit to help discern truth from error. Paul wrote “All scripture is inspired by God (God breathed) and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teaches us to do what is right (2 Timothy 3:16-17).” Satan is out to destroy anyone he can make doubt the Word of God (see 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12). Years ago, my husband and I were invited by a couple one night to their home. The evening started off with a light conversation but then it was clear we’d been invited for another reason. The enemy used this couple neighbours’ house who I never met before to try to persuade me to doubt the gospel. All I kept saying to this couple was we believe that Jesus is God’s Son who died for our sins, what I’d been taught as a child. After I kept repeating this, the lady of the house politely excused our visit. God protected us that night but that evening, God awakened and opened my eyes that I could have been led astray. People who lead by deception know scriptures and will twist them slightly to sound convincing. Reflecting back on that evening, I realized I wasn’t making it a priority in my life to study the Bible, knowing the truth and hearing His voice in order to recognize false teaching. This experience could have easily taken me down the wrong path of being one of those people the Bible speaks of being deceived in the last days. “And many will turn away from me (from the faith) and betray and hate each other (Matthew 24:10).” Without God’s Word planted firmly in my mind to live God’s way; would I have heard Jesus say on his return, I never knew you? “Not everyone who calls out to me, ‘Lord! Lord!’ will enter the kingdom of heaven. Only those who actually do the will of my Father in heaven will enter (Matt 7:21).” When Jesus returns, He will expose people who sound religious but have no personal relationship with Him, walking in His ways. Studying the Bible prophecies especially the complicated book of Revelation has brought so many questions. Maybe we’re not to grasp everything but just believe and trust God at His Word that what He says will happen; that’s what Faith is (see Hebrews 11). I have a deep heartfelt concern for all people. Some reading this will misunderstand me and it might come across as judging. I want to tell you, I didn’t write this paper to judge anyone, that’s between God and every individual on the earth. I wrote this paper to pass along the truth so each of us can do our own research and be prepared for Jesus’ return. My pastor encouraged me to love everyone and treat sin the way God looks at it. God loves all people but hates our sin. We are to treat all people the way Jesus did with compassion and love. I don’t have it all together but I do know Jesus changed my life and continues to refine those areas (sins) in my life that still don’t reflect Him properly. “For I am not ashamed of this Good News about Christ. It is the power of God at work, saving everyone who believes (Romans 1:16).” I was blessed to a have a boss who shared the truth about Jesus with me every year at Christmas. It wasn’t until after he passed, his wife told me that the two of them prayed for me for years. The company I worked for was sold and my boss said that the highlight of his 40 plus years of working for the company was the day Darlene got saved. I kind of gulped and questioned why this would be the highlight of such a long career. I understand now. Another thing this couple did for me; they showed me what God’s unconditional love looks like from the way they lived their lives and how they treated me with love and respect. My boss didn’t point out all my flaws. I believe he kept praying for God to work in my life through the Holy Spirit, to teach and convict me when I would go off course. “For the Lord knows every heart and knows every plan and thought. If you seek Him, you will find Him. But if you forsake Him, he will reject you forever (1 Chronicles 28:9b).” It is our conscience that tells us that there is someone out there bigger than ourselves. If you and I listen to our conscience, we’ll begin a search and God promises it will lead to Him. “Keep on seeking and you will find. Keep on knocking and the door will be opened to you (Matthew 7:7b).” Jesus said, “You also must be ready all the time, for the Son of Man will come when least expected (Matthew 24:44).” “However, no one knows the day or hour when these things will happen, not even the angels in heaven or the Son himself. Only the Father knows (Matthew 24:36).” Doug, my boss would close our Christmas potluck luncheons by saying; “You have nothing to lose by believing but you have everything to lose by NOT believing.” So, I’ll ask you what I was asked years ago about my future, “IF THIS WAS YOUR LAST NIGHT ON EARTH, ARE YOU 100% SURE YOU ARE GOING TO HEAVEN.” If you aren’t 100% sure; please reach out to myself or another believer. After my daughter passed away, I found a note in her Bible where she wrote down these four questions: 1) Do you believe in God? 2) Do you believe that Jesus died on the cross? 3) Why did he do that? 4) Salvation/Eternal Life: Do you know how you receive that? Once the good news has been shared with us, each of us are held accountable to make a decision. Where you spend eternity depends on your answer. We either accept God’s gift or reject it. If you search with all your heart Jesus said, “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free (John 8:32)”. ARE YOU READY WHEN JESUS COMES BACK? The Word of God tells us who holds the FUTURE BUT what does the FUTURE hold for you? If you want to be sure of your future, I encourage you to receive Jesus Christ into your life. This is between you and God. The moment you receive His free gift of salvation, your eternal life begins. Jesus will be with you through the power of the Holy Spirit living in you to comfort, convict, teach and encourage you to live for Jesus. You will have peace that this world cannot give you and will not live-in fear no matter what is going on in your life. Jesus is the Hope for all people. If you’d like to come to Jesus Christ, acknowledge you’re a sinner and accept His free gift. Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for sending your Son Jesus to make a way for me to be made right with you. I believe Jesus came to earth to die on the cross shedding His blood for my sins (things I’ve done wrong) and was raised from the dead to give me eternal life. I believe Jesus Christ is the Messiah and is Lord. Please forgive me for all of my sins. Thank you for loving me unconditionally as your child. I pray with the power of the Holy Spirit living in me that I can turn away from the things that are hurting me and making my life more difficult. I believe in God; the Father, Son and Holy Spirit who has the power to guide my life to reflect Jesus’ love to others. I thank you for this free gift of salvation You have given me today. Amen. Date: ___________________________________________ “If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved (Romans 10:9).” References Dr. David Jeremiah, Turning Points Magazine, 2019 issue, Sign Me Up Pastor Conner Conlon, The Wolf is at the Door (You Tube) TV7 Israel News Other Resources 1. Darlene’s personal journey of loss and unforgiveness, finding healing and forgiveness can be found on You Tube: His Grace is Enough Darlene Applegate. Songs from her journey or to order the book called His Grace is Enough, visit Other music inspired for this journey is For I Am Here, by Lily Bifolchi and Come to Me, by Lily Bifolchi and can be found on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music and cicheals. com. 2. My sister Sam Crow and I have gone through the up and downs of life together. Her life story is a testimony of God’s faithfulness and provision when she was healed from Lyme disease and restored from alcohol addiction. Sam’s story is on YouTube, samcrow-my-journey. To order her books: 1. Rise up with the Hope of Healing and 2. The Story of my Life- My Cup of Poison, visit, under other resources.

Today is a new day so let us give thanks. 

Have you ever had a time in your life that you wished you had done something but fear held you back?  Maybe it was an opportunity to do something but you let it pass you by in regret. 

A few years ago I witnessed a very powerful testimony of a woman who wanted to be baptized.  While attending church this particular Sunday she witness a man sharing his story and it began to light a fire within her.  The man had chosen to get baptized as a very last minute decision claiming that the opportunity came one Sunday and he regretted not taking it.  He had been following Jesus for quite a long time but now it was “time” to follow through in OBEDIENCE to God’s CALL on his LIFE.  He didn’t want fear to stop him from all the good things that God had planned for him. This was the day to display his LOVE and DEDICATION to Jesus to those around him. 

Friends, after this man shared his story the woman sitting next to me,  got up right away and went to the front to be baptized.  When they asked her why she wanted to be baptized these profound words left her mouth;            “IT IS TIME!”  

Whether you are a long-time believer in Jesus or even a short-time believer you have an opportunity to take that next step of FAITH. To let God truly TRANSFORM your LIFE. Never put off doing the things your HEART is whispering for you to do as the TIME and opportunity may not come again.  For none of us knows when we will take our last breath on this earth. 

The truth is BAPTISM  is an outward display of an inner change in your heart and declaring your life WILL be LIVED for Jesus.  So, is this the year, the month and the day that you will say yes to God’s Call for your life?  If you decide to accept His gift and move forward it will be the best day of your life!!!

 Have a wonderful day and always remember how dearly you are loved and you are never alone. 

Mark your calendars for Sunday, June 5, 2022, at 11 am as we gather for a special outdoor service and Baptisms.  Don’t forget your lawn chairs!   Please try and arrive 15 min early so we can get everyone parked and ready to worship.  Let's all pray for a beautiful sunny day. 

 We are located at New Life Community Christian Church at 32 Robert Street in Thornton next to the Fire hall.  To learn more go to 


But Jesus said, "Let the children come to Me.  Don't stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.  Matthew 19:14

 This is such a beautiful story of obedience when David Joshua heard Pastor Peter's message on the importance of Baptism. He DIDN'T WANT TO WAIT because he only wanted to be OBEDIENT to the CALL.  

As the date was arriving the parents' were concerned that their son was too young to understand or he may be doing this to make them happy so they almost stopped this beautiful day from moving forward.  After they took it to God in prayer along with fasting and others praying for them they believed that David Joshua was truly HEARING from God. 

Because of the OBEDIENCE of this young boy many of US have been BLESSED more than he will ever know.  He truly has set an EXAMPLE of HIS FAITH and DEDICATION TO CHRIST.   We know that God has amazing plans for this young man and his SMILE shows the JOY he feels in His HEART from JESUS.    We are so proud of you David Joshua!!!   

"For I know the plans I have for you, " says the Lord.  

They are  plans for good and not for disaster,

 to give you a hope and a future. 


  Jeremiah 28:11

         Jesus replied," I assure you no one can enter the 

         Kingdom of God without being 

        BORN of WATER and the SPIRIT."

        John 3:5

On this beautiful day of Baptism we are thankful for the words shared by our brother Lorenzo about his own life and the importance of getting baptized.  He shared that his plan was to be baptized in the Jordan River whenever that day would come that he could go to Israel.   He began to FEEL GOD TUGGING at his HEART after his wife and daughter took that step of obedience.  The thoughts began to HINDER in his mind that if he was the head of the family perhaps it was TIME to SHOW it with ACTIONS.  The time was NOW and he COULDN'T wait for his own plans to unfold but ONLY God's plan. 

What God REVEALED to him and what he SHARED was so truly powerful that I BELIEVE we could all LEARN from these WISE words. " Even though Jesus who is PERFECT without Sin in His life,  He still wanted to be Baptized in obedience to the FATHER so should we ourselves not want this too?" 

To read the story of Jesus and His Baptism go to Matthew 3:13-16 

November 25,             2021

We are living in the days when we must obey God knowing that He is with us.  

The more we learn His Word and Carry it in our HEARTS the better we will endure the days ahead.

We encourage you to memorize some Scriptures and say them daily to keep your heart CONNECTED to God and He will STRENGTHEN your FAITH and GIVE you HIS PEACE. 

Always remember how dearly you are LOVED and that you are NEVER ALONE.  

The days we are in now we should all remember to pray extra hard for our Pastors.   These men of God have been given one of the most difficult jobs in this world and that is watching over the well-being of their flock.  Friends we may not realize the stress and pressure they are under especially when they are teaching the TRUTH from God’s WORD.  They have a RESPONSIBILITY  that many of us will truly never understand.  It’s about each one of us and our Spiritual life. It is all about our soul and where we will spend our eternity, either in hell or heaven.  For the days we are in, many leaders will be led astray by the world’s way without even recognizing it.   Each Pastor and leadership in the church will have to be very discerning and take their guidance from God’s Spirit so that they do not lead their own flock astray.  

In God’s Word there are some powerful Scriptures that we should all read and remember their job is not easy in any way and they truly have only the best interest at heart for us.  

Paul shared in Acts some words that I am sure many Pastors will be able to relate to. 

I have done the Lord’s work humbly and with many tears.  I have endured the trails that came to me from the plots of the Jews.  I never shrank back from telling you what you needed to hear, either publicly or in your homes.  I have had one message for the Jews and Greeks alike- the necessity of repenting from sin and turning to God, and of having faith in our Lord Jesus.  And now I am bound by the Spirit to go to Jerusalem.  I don’t know what awaits me, except that the Holy Spirit tells me in city after city jail and suffering lie ahead.   But my life is worth nothing to me unless I use it for finishing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus- the work of telling the Good News  about the wonderful grace of God.  And now I know that none of you to whom I have preached the Kingdom will ever see me again.  I declare today that I have been faithful.  If anyone suffers eternal death it’s not my fault, for I didn’t shrink from declaring all the God wants you to know.  So guard yourselves and God’s people.  Feed and shepherd God’s flock- his church purchased with his own blood- over which the Holy Spirit has  appointed you as elders.  I know that false teachers, like vicious wolves, will come in among you after I leave, not sparing the flock.  Even some men from your own group will rise up and distort the truth in order to draw a following.  Watch out!   Remember the three years I was with you - my constant  watch and care over you night and day, and my many tears for you.  And now I entrust you to God and the message of his grace that is able to build you up and give you an inheritance with all those he has set apart for himself.    Acts 20:19-32

And I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will guide you with knowledge and understanding.  Jeremiah 3:15

The Lord is my shepherd;I have all that I need.  He lets me rest in green meadows; he leads me beside peaceful streams.  He renews my strength.  He guides me along right paths; bringing honor to his name.  Even when I walk through the darkest valley, I will not be afraid, for you are close beside me.  You prepare a feast for me in the presence of my enemies.  You honor me by anointing my head with oil.  Surely your goodness and unfailing love will pursue me all the days of my life and, and I will live in the house of the lord forever.  Psalm 23 1-6

Father we pray that you would watch over and protect the Pastor’s and all the leadership within your church for protection.   Keep them strong and healthy to accomplish the work you have given them.  Give them wisdom and discernment to recognize things that are not from you so that they keep their sheep on the narrow path heading towards HEAVEN and Your Kingdom Come.   We pray all these things in Jesus Name.   Amen 

In the past few weeks, we have had some very sad news in our country and we would like to take a moment to say how grieved we are.

We are all God's CHILDREN and we are ALL EQUAL. Friends, we PRAY that you will accept our sincere apology for what has happened to so many children in our Indigenous Community and pray that we can be a part of your HEALING. We will kneel PRAYING with you and WALKING alongside you.

Carry each other's burden, and in this way, you will fulfill the law of Christ. 
 Galatians 6:2

We would also like to remember the family in London who were taken away from hate crimes leaving a small boy without a family. May we continue to hold this child up for healing as he recovers in the hospital and the days, weeks, months and years ahead of him with the pain, he will carry.

Friends, when we have a HEART like Jesus these acts should grieve us and bring us to a place that we want to help in any way we can. Today can be the BEGINNING of HEALING and when we work TOGETHER great things can be done in Jesus' Name. 



 "GOD of


Outdoor Service

We want to welcome everyone to this Special Day!!

The Sounds of Worship will be overflowing in our small village of Thornton.   

We encourage you to bring your friends and family for this amazing day that God has planned. 

We believe there will be another great awakening in the world just like the revivals in the Bible and millions of people will come to Jesus.  As we seek God for revival and pray and believe God for another revival, His Spirit will bring restoration and healing to our land. 

                                            2 Chronicles 7:14

This is an OPEN INVITATION  to everyone and there is NO need to sign up.  Please just COME!!! ( "UPDATE" ... We are now offering a DRIVE-IN SERVICE to hold capacity within regualations )         

If you have a question please contact Pastor Peter at 705-718-5680 

We look forward to meeting you and watching how God is going to MOVE in the hearts of HIS CHILDREN!!!   Get EXCITED for this is HIS DAY!!!!    HEALING HEARTS, HUNGER and HEALING in JESUS NAME.   

Mission Statement

Love God-Love People-Make Disciples

"The stone that the builders rejected has now become the cornerstone.  This is the Lord's doing and it is wonderful to see."   Matthew 21:42

We WELCOME you here to New LIFE and HOPE it will be a BLESSING to you, if you choose to use these resources.  May they strengthen your TRUST in God as He moves in your life.  Sharing the WORD of God with us is Pastor Peter Plavic.

We meet together each week at 10:30 a.m. to worship God with our  Brothers and Sisters in our growing family.   When we meet together we are being strengthened in our faith through fellowship. In God's house we are Family so come as you are. We worship together with adults, youth and children.  The worship team shares their gifts while we WORSHIP God and our Pastor PREACHES solely on the WORD of GOD. The TRUTH is taught BOLDLY to set us all FREE.   We have an in service PRAYER time each week and our dress is casual so we INVITE you to COME AS YOU ARE and LEAVE TRANSFORMED!   

Our Sunday morning Sermons are available off to the right by clicking one of the audio files.

New Life Community Christian Church is located at 32 Robert Street in Thornton (next door to the Firehall) in Thornton, Ontario   L0L-2N0

Telephone: 705-718-5680

The Lord will send a blessing on your barns and in everything you put your hand to.  The Lord your God will bless you in the land he is giving you.
               Deuteronomy 28:8

We are learning, growing and changing everyday because of God's WORD moving in our lives.  The Bible is not something we should only read on Sunday but it should be a part of our lives everyday.  Real life change begins when you dig into God's WORD and let it TRANSFORM your LIFE!!

The Bible is our Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.

God is in the HEART Business changing ONE HEART at a TIME.  Come to Him and be CHANGED Forever!

      The Revival for 2021 
         is in God's Hands
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